Manhattan MondoHub II - Adds 28 USB Ports to Any Computer

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Manhattan MondoHub II - Adds 28 USB Ports to Any Computer – 24 USB 2.0 & Four USB 3.0 Ports, AC Power, Black, Retail Box, Limited Lifetime Warranty

Product Overview:
The 28-port Manhattan MondoHub II turns one USB-A port on your computer into 28.
This hub lets you connect and use 24 USB 2.0 (and earlier; transfer speeds up to 480 Mpbs) devices and four USB 3.0 (transfer speeds up to 5 Gbps) devices.

Since it's the plug type nearly every device can be connected with, the hub uses only the USB-A connection.
The hub connects to your computer using that plug. And any device that has a USB-A plug or can connect with a cable that has a USB-A plug can be plugged into this hub.

• 24 Hi-Speed USB-A ports
• 4 SuperSpeed USB-A ports
• 1 SuperSpeed USB-A plug

• Provides 28 Hi-Speed USB ports for additional peripherals
• 24 USB 2.0 ports
• Four USB 3.0 ports
• Replaces less-capable hubs with compact multiport design and high-capacity 4-amp power adapter
• Conveniently recharges mobile devices and connects flash drives, receivers, card readers and more
• Switch each port on and off individually
• Features magnets on the bottom to grant environment flexibility to the user.
• Overcurrent protection; hot-swappable
• Compatible with all USB-equipped computers
• Plug and play; Windows and Mac compatible

Why a Hub?
Having one place to connect all of our devices offers unparalleled convenience. Since many of our devices end up connecting to our computer anyway, being able to give its ports a break means that those ports get longer life without having to be serviced or replaced. And, the hub's included power options means you can charge your devices so they're ready for you when you need to to leave your computer.

Smart Power for Apple Devices and Samsung Tablets
The ports that are farthest from the hub's built-in USB-A cable (13, 14, 27 & 28) feature Smart Power technology to sync or fast charge smart devices and tablets. The activation button near the end of the hub lets you switch between charging and syncing them.

More Power
When it's drawing power from your computer, the hub lets your devices share up to 900 mA so they can function or receive a charge. When using the included power adapter, those devices have up to 5 V / 4 A of power to share between them.

Securing Magnets
The hub's underside offers magnets that help keep the hub in place on a metal surface, such as a filing cabinet or table. They're strong enough to reduce hub movement but weak enough that they won't interfere with your device's connection.
• Product Code: 163606
• Description: Manhattan MondoHub II - Adds 28 USB Ports to Any Computer
Standards and Certifications
• USB 3.0
• CE
• RoHS
• Transfer speeds: 1.5 / 12 / 480 Mbps / 5 Gbps
• Upstream plug: Standard-A
• 24 downstream ports: USB 2.0 Standard-A
• Four downstream ports (1, 2, 15 and 16): USB 3.0 Standard-A
• Ports 13, 14, 27 and 28 charge Apple devices
• 5 VDC port
• Up to 500 mA power, all ports

• Dimensions: 23 (h) x 229 (w) x 112 (d) mm [0.9 (h) x 9 (w) x 4.4 (d) in.]
• Weight: 354 g (12.5 oz.)
• Incorporated USB 3.0 cable: 75 cm (30 in.)
• Housing: plastic
• LED power indicator
Power Adapter
• cUL, FCC
• Input: 100 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz; 1.6 A, maximum
• Output: 5 V / 4 A; if more power is needed, this hub will support a power adapter that provides output at up to 5 V / 5 A
• Cable: 1.2 m (6 ft.)
• DC Tip dimensions: 3.5 x 1.35mm

• Operational temperature: 0 – 45°C (32 – 113°F)
• Storage temperature: -15 – 60°C (5 – 140°F)
• Working humidity: <85%

System Requirements
• USB-enabled PC or Mac system
• Windows 7/8.1/10 or Mac OS 10 or above
• Available USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 port

Package Contents
• MondoHub II
• Power adapter
• Instructions

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