Hercules HDP DJ Light-Show ADV Professional DJ Headphones

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Hercules HDP DJ Light-Show ADV Professional DJ Headphones, Retail Box, 1 year Limit warranty

DJ headphones with light-show pulsing on the beat

Product Overview
The Hercules HDP DJ Light-Show ADV Professional DJ Headphones are designed for DJ monitoring in live performance applications. The closed-back circumaural headphones (also called full size headphones) headphones (sometimes called full size headphones) utilize 50mm drivers to deliver a frequency response of 10 to 25,000 Hz with a sensitivity of 102 dB per 1 mW. For DJing, the ear cups can rotate 180° vertically for one ear monitoring, 90° horizontally for wearing the headphones around the neck, and 90° inward to fold for easy transport.

The headphones feature an illuminated logo that pulses with the beat of the music. A USB to USB Micro cable is included for recharging the headphone's built-in battery.
The headphones also come with a 2metre straight headphone cable and an 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack plug  to 6.35 mm stereo headphone adapter for connecting to a variety of sources.
• Illuminated Logo Pulses With the Beat
• 50mm Drivers
• Foldable for 1-Ear Monitoring
• 10 to 25,000 Hz Frequency Response
• 102 dB per 1 mW Sensitivity
• Includes USB to USB Micro Cable

DJ headphones with light pulsing on the beat of the music
A light in the white logo pulses on the music beat in both ear-cups

The headphones are part of your performance: they pulse in sync with the music
- outside music: for public performance, the Deejay pulse on the beat of the mix,
- played inside: for private listening.

Drivers for Djing performance
• Enough decibels to monitor tracks, even close to PA speakers
• Strong playback level on any audio source
• Wide frequency bandwidth, to monitor all audible frequencies
• Large 50mm drivers: deep bass response, crystal-clear sound

Swivel housing to match any DJ use
• Easy 1-ear monitoring, easy folding for mobility
• Extending arms for large and small heads

Built-in rechargeable battery (powering the light show)
• Recharge the battery via a micro-USB plug
• USB to micro-USB cable included

Comfortable for long-wearing listening
• Headphones don’t press on the user’s head, thanks to the ear pads’ width and
• softness, forming a barrier around the ears
• Soft, large ear pads: isolate the DJ’s ears from ambient noise

Hercules HDP DJ Light-Show ADV Professional DJ Headphones
Cool and trendy

Light Show

• Light pulsing in sync with the music - either on the mix - or on the preview
• Built-in chargeable battery


• 102 dB at 1 mW
• 10 Hz-25 kHz: wide frequency range
Powerful drivers
• 32-ohm impedance

Large aperture
• 1"96 / 50 mm driver diameter
Convenient cabling
•6’5/2 m cable, with 1/8"/3.5 mm stereo mini-jack plug
•1/4"/6.35 mm stereo jack adapter
•Micro-USB to USB cable to charge the battery

Mechanical specifications

Ear-cups: Closed-back / Circumaural

3 rotation axes:
•Earpieces: vertical rotation 180 °: easy 1-ear monitoring
•Earpiece supports: horizontal 90° rotation to fold or wear the headphones around the neck
•Earpiece supports: vertical 90° rotation inward to fold for transport
Audio cable: fixed on left ear-cup
Box contents
Hercules HDP DJ Light-Show ADV Professional DJ Headphones
1/8"/3.5 mm to 1/4"/6.35 plug adapter
Straight audio connection cable
USB to micro USB cable to charge the integrated battery

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